This is the International collection for “Employer for Rent” or its synonyms
(Umbrella company, Acency Umbrella, Full PayRoll company, Egenanställningsföretag, Egenanstillingsforretning, PEO Professional Employer Organization, Economically dependent workers) in the different countries. Below is my current estimate of the companies offering these services.

My expertise is related to employement services where the individual initiates the client relationship. This is different from when the employer contacts a HR-partner to administer their employees. But the terms are used differently in different countries (and between companies).

The numbers of companies are about:
150 in the UK, 125 in France, 45 in Sweden and 700 in the US.
8 in the Netherlands, 2 in Norway, 2 in Poland, 2 in Switzerland, 3 in Finland,  2 in Belgium, 1 in Denmark, 1 in Ukraine, 1 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand (updated 2014-04-22).

Umbrella Employement offers the freedom of the entrepreneur
without the burden of the administration

Umbrella Employment is a way to get legally correct paiment for work. The person can have an invoice sent to a customer and get paid with salary without starting a company of their own. In most countries the Umbrella company takes the formal role of an employer.

Explanation of how Umbrella Employment work. Copyright: Fredrik Arvas 2013

If you have any questions or would like to discuss  – please contact Fredrik Arvas, founder.

International Listing of Umbrella Companies in 49 Countries

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